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06/22/09 11:44 AM #1    

Sharon Smith (Johnson)

Hello Everyone, Thanks to all involved in putting this together. Call me if I can help with anything. Leora called me last night to tell me about the site, and this morning, I saw Tom Erie's brother Dean, for physical therapy and he told me too. Can't wait to see everyone!!

07/13/09 08:53 PM #2    

Thomas Erie

Hello fellow polars. I saw Jean Anderson at a Community Emergency Response Team training session in NO ST Paul this spring. Fun memories. We were in confirmation together with her sister Judy. Maybe Rodney Nygren can check out Lakeview Lutheran church in Maplewood on CTY RD C and 61. It is ELCA.
Hi Sharon Smith. Yes, my brother Dean(74 polar)gives a lot of pain to his physical therapy patients. He did tell me he saw you. I had forgotten you were the class president. I think Ken Hedberg was in the mix too. Hope you are doing well. I will do my bio.
Tom Erie

08/05/09 01:56 PM #3    

Sharon Smith (Johnson)

Hi Tom Erie, ETAL: I am class VICE President. Ken is the Pres. Chris Funk is Sec/Treas. Can't wait to see my old buddies at the reunion. Will be fun!!!

08/25/09 08:21 PM #4    

Kenneth Halverson

Anybody going to North St. Paul on Friday to look at the old cars. If the weather is nice it's a very pleasant evening. I was thinking that rather than play guess which of the old people are classmates, it might be nice to have a gathering place on the street where we can circle back and forth around to start to get reacquainted. Does anybody know a place in North St. Paul that fits the bill. I was down there last year once to see the cars, so I am not very familiar with what is there. Looking forward to seeing you all during the weekend.

09/01/09 03:04 PM #5    

Judy Volk

Ken H. mentioned the Friday night car in downtown North St. Paul. I've been over there a couple of times this past summer. I live about one mile away so it's easy for me. Ken suggested we pick a place in town to meet the Friday night before the reunion. I went to North St. Paul last Saturday for a quick look to see if there was a location. It can get very crowded downtown on Friday nights but there is a parking lot between the Sidewinders Bar and the business Northern Frames that would be a possible spot. It's at the east end of town where it's a little quieter and there might be a little more space than out on the sidewalk. Anyway, that's my suggestion. In answer to Rod N's question (which it appears he asked 7 months ago, sorry for the delay), Keindel's was torn down a few years ago and an office building was built on the lot. The other day it appeared to be empty but I believe someone told me that the North St. Paul school district has rented space in that building.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone on the 12th!

09/02/09 08:44 PM #6    

Kenneth Halverson

Thanks Judy. You were always a kind and helpful person when you were in High School too. Look forward to seeing you over the weekend and my wife and I will be in NSP for the car cruz on Friday. Hope to see you then.

09/04/09 11:13 PM #7    

Keith Zimmerman

What is the mode of dress for dinner on the 12th?

09/06/09 06:28 PM #8    

James Benson

Am planning on being in NSP on Fri. also at the picnic on Sun. JIM BENSON

09/07/09 09:11 PM #9    

Richard Merry

Regarding Friday night in dowtown North St. Paul, besides Judy's great suggestion for a place to meet it might also be helpful if we tried to wear something with the school colors - at least something red. That might help let us pick out our classmates from all the other old people down there.
I plan to be there, but it will be later because I have a previous engagement to attend first.

09/10/09 12:50 PM #10    

Judy Volk

Keith Z. asked what type of clothing people would be wearing on the 12th on the cruise. I talked to a few people who are going and we agreed we would be wearing clothes that are some what casual. Hope that helps.

09/11/09 10:03 AM #11    

Sharon Smith (Johnson)

I am going to be in NSP tonight. Just posted a pic of the car. It's red, so I'll put a sign on it!!! See you there!..

09/13/09 09:08 PM #12    

Kenneth Halverson

I would like to thank Cindy, Rick and the other classmates and or spouses that took their time and talent to put this together. It was wonderful. Most of you I haven't seen in close to 40 years, but it was good to catch up on where life has taken us. I guess most of us ended up going through a different life than we imagined for ourselves when we were at North.

It's a strange and wonderful world we live in. Have a great year.

09/14/09 09:48 AM #13    

Sharon Smith (Johnson)

Thank You so much for setting up the reunion!!! It was so much fun to see everyone. Since the site will be up forever, we should try getting together once a year, for anyone who can make it. The boat was a great idea!!!

09/14/09 07:10 PM #14    

Jim Hubal

First of all, thank you for this wonderful web site and the great time on the boat. And yes, Sharon has a good idea. Maybe a mini-reunion(less formal gathering) would be an easy way to keep in touch with everybody. Even if it was "Let's all meet for coffee at ______" some of us might make it to something like that. And let's use this forum and pass the word to those who didn't know about it (like me) until now (as opposed to the CLASSMATES site which wants $$$$$.)

09/15/09 11:18 AM #15    

Richard Sheffler

Our site is now paid for the next few years thanks to several donations. We can keep it up for many more years by small donations of a dollar or so. I am willing to keep working on the site as an administrator so everyone will have a place to contact each other without having to pay 20 or 30 dollars per year membership fees. If you have questions or need help email me and I will try and help you find a solution. I had a lot of fun seeing classmates and hearing about things I did but cannot remember. If you have an idea for a mini reunion or just a get together, let me know and I can put that information on the home page as an announcement.

04/23/12 01:04 PM #16    

James Gray

This is James Gray. My Sister Jane Gray Severson Orr Class of 70 passed sunday morning  at 3am.

showing is at 6-8 pm at 

Waldo Funeral Home

619 n Travis



Funeral service is wen at 3:00 p.m. Morman church in sherman tx. 

                                                         Thank you.

09/13/15 04:21 PM #17    

Deborah Apman (Bartholomew)

To all 1969 classmates. I was really hoping to get more of a responce for this Thursday Sept 17 th. It would be a great time to see everyone in a casual setting and you can be home by 9. If you think you might be coming out please let Cindy know so I can have the right amount of food. Hope you will all try to make it. Deb Bartholomew(Apman)

09/14/15 08:03 AM #18    

Gerald Rehr

I'm at the NSP car show most Fridays.  I will be there this Friday for the last Show of this year.  I will have my WW2 Army Jeep parked by the VFW on the street.  Stop by and say Howdy I will be the Old Guy in the chair by the Jeep.


09/14/15 09:54 AM #19    

Cindy Mester (Schweizer)

Hi Deb

I'll be there for about an hour or so.  Unfortunately I have a retirement party to attend that night.

Cindy (Mester) Schweizer



11/19/15 11:28 PM #20    

Thomas Arndt (Quinlin)


Thanks so much for all of the energy you have put into the site.  I hope you can locate someone to take over the reigns. Best of luck in the future.

Thomas (Arndt) Quinlin

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