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Juanita Olson

March 13, 1951 - October 21, 2019

October 21, 2019 Of Inver Grove Heights Preceded in death by parents Henry and Jeanette Olson and sister Kathleen. Services will be private with interment at Elmhurst Cemetery.

Published in Pioneer Press on Oct. 27, 2019

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10/28/19 12:22 PM #1    

Judy Johnson (DeLoy)

I am sorry to hear of Juanita's passing.  I knew her and her family.  I doubt that anyone else would have anything nice to say about her so I decided to do that.  She was a very sweet and kind person with special needs.  I can only remember people being very unkind to her when she never had an unkind thing to say about anyone.  I remember her smiling even when the worst things were said about her face.  She worked at Daytons for many years,as did her sister.  I saw her there often and she was always so happy to see a kind face.  I think she is one of the big reasons I became a social worker and ended up working with folks with special needs.  Thank you Juanita for being my inspiration.  I hope whereve you are now is a happy and accepting place.  I hope you are happy now.

10/29/19 09:00 AM #2    

Thomas Hoffman

Judy, what a beautiful statement.  I was shy enough I don't know if I talked to any girls.  But if I could go back.........................but we can't.  There is alot of things I would have done differently.  But I imagine we all would.  Thank you for the remembrance.  

10/29/19 10:07 AM #3    

Dee Hiler (Dillon)

I remember Juanita as well.  She was a very nice person and was a kind soul.  It's so sad that bullying has been around for so long.  I am sorry to hear of her passing.  RIP, Juanita.  I agree with Tom (hi neighbor from Oakdale), I loved what you wrote.

10/29/19 10:34 AM #4    

Deborah Monson (Connor)

I too remember Juanita as being so sweet and with a beautiful smile. If I could go back to those days I would treat her with kindness and love. Rest In Peace dear Juanita.

10/29/19 04:04 PM #5    

Judy Anderson (Zielinski)

I also remembered Juanita as always so happy and smiling.  Back then the "special needs" students had their own room for most of their classes except for classes like gym which I believe she was in that class with me.  It was hard to see others not be so nice to her.  She always had a smile for me. 

10/29/19 11:58 PM #6    

Jean Anderson

I am so sad to read this about Juanita. She was at Hazelwood Elementary School with us, in the "special class" they had. I think there was a small number of students in this class.

Then, at John Glenn Junior High School, as Judy Anderson Zielinski stated, the "Special Ed" students joined us in our gym class. Juanita was in my gym class. She was so nice.

It is sad that some students bullied Juanita.

Juanita was a sweet woman and a gentle soul. My sympathies and Prayers for her family and friends.

10/30/19 01:48 PM #7    

Jean Anderson

Another comment, which I had hesitated to have stated before. In our John Glenn Junior High gym class, our teacher would allow each student to be a "Captain" of a team sport that we were playing. Now, I was usually picked next to last, before Juanita, because I was far from being called "athletic". So, one day, our teacher chose me to be the "Captain" for a team sport we were playing. Well, my first choice was one of my best friends, Diane Kopesky, who was a very good athlete. Then, when it became my turn to choose again, I turned to Juanita, and said, "Juanita". As you can imagine, she was very surprised, and very happy.

Now, I am not telling you all this to get a pat on my back, not at all, and that is why I didn't tell this story before. The joy in Juanita's face, and that afterward our saying hello to each other in the school hallways, and smiling, was all that mattered.

And like Judy Johnson, I also became a Social Worker.

10/31/19 04:56 PM #8    

Daniel Colberg

I remember Juanita as a nice person always smiling. I really don't remember anyone every making fun of her around me, but I am sorry to hear that some idiots did.  RIP Juanita you no longer will have worry about pain or suffering of any kind. All Gods children are loved and no tears are found where you are now. 



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