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Thomas Fenton

Thomas Fenton

August 10, 1951 - July 31, 1985
My name is Mike Fenton, Tom's younger brother. I found out about the reunion and this site from Mike Johnson - Class of 69' and a longtime Golf Buddy and great friend. After looking at the reunion site, I thought it might be nice to share what Tom was up to after High School.
After high school Tom attended Lakewood College (Century) for a couple years and ultimately ended up working for American Can Co. He married Sue Richter (Class of 70' I think) and had two children, Sean and Kris. They moved to the Coon Rapids area which location wise, worked well for Sue's work commute. I also meant that Tom was that much closer to up north as he was a fanatic hunter and fisherman. Tom pretty much went up to the Leach Lake area as frequently as possible to fish and hunt depending on the season. I think the family he hung with were the Lodges?? They had a home in Walker that Tom visited or stayed at several times.
Thinking back I would describe Tom as a simple man. He did not get caught up in the drive for the big shot career, but seemed most happy with giving an honest days work for a fair wage. He choose to focus on the loves of his life rather then the status of his career. He realized that his work provided for his family and also allowed him to pursue his hobbies. It didn't buy him all the toys we all want, but it did give him the tools to be personally successful and fulfilled.
Overall, Tom was a great brother. When he wasn't smacking us around he would take my other brother and I swimming, fishing or just run us around to various places. He didn't seem to be too embarrassed by us! He used to always make sure we knew where his car keys were because he knew we liked to take the occasional under age drive around the neighborhood in his car! As many of you have mentioned, he was a very funny guy! Even around the house he had a good sense of humor most of the time! He could get a little hot headed though. While I don't recall all the specifics, some of you may recall the Deer Shining incident where Tom was riding on the hood of a car and ending up under it, being dragged quite a ways. His Letterman's jacket and leather boots were completely shredded and 80% of his body had road rashes! When he eventually got home, his excuse was he fell down a hill and that no alcohol was involved. Not sure if the parents bought that!
Shortly, before his death, Tom really fell in love with the medical profession and had just completed his nursing education. I think he was looking for a new career and one that would allow him to move up north so he could take care of the outdoor itch and work at the same time.
Tom passed away in July of 1985 of a heart attack and is buried in Coon Rapids. Our other brother Roger also passed away from an accident a couple years ago. We all miss them a great deal! Sue re-married several years ago and lives up in the northern suburbs. Sean (Jesse) is getting married in August of this year and Kris (Gary) is doing great with two grandkids (Samantha and Thomas) for Tom.
I still recognize many of your names, but can't recall much beyond that. I do know however, that Tom loved being with the many friends he had in high school. Have a great reunion and feel free to contact me if you have questions or stories. I always love hearing from, and talking to those who knew Tom!
                                          Mike Fenton,
I was married to Tom Fenton at the time of his death. Could I also put my email address out there if anyone wanted to contact me. The Class of 69 was a great group of people. Wishing you much fun remembering that great time in our lives. 
                                        Susan (Richter Fenton) Kemp, 

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06/01/09 11:27 PM #1    

John Mlynarczyk

Tommy Turtle------ you were one of my craziest friends and I "REAL MISS YOU". I hope all your family-- are doing well. --Alphabet==

06/02/09 08:48 AM #2    

Cindy Mester (Schweizer)

Tommy was one of the funniest people I've ever met...He always made me laugh in study hall and I feel lucky to have known him.

06/10/09 01:32 PM #3    

Carol Bongard (Ward)

Tom was a true friend, nothing phony about it. He sure did know how to make you laugh and he also knew when just a, big ol hug, was what you needed, I'll never forget him.

08/18/09 08:29 AM #4    

Michael Johnson

Tom was a down to earth great guy. I was over his house many times and did not recall his siblings. However since that time I have had the privilege of having a wonderful friend in his brother Mike ( they posess the same sense of humor) I would like to encourage everyone to ask Mike to attend the Cruise.( I know he would like to meet Tom's old friends and share some memories.) By old I mean old. Also ask Mark Motz to respond. I know that Mark and Tom were good friends.

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